The program of the 15th Joint Symposium can be found HERE.

Items of the agenda:

Main topics:

- Traumatology

- Tumor surgery

- Primary and secondary reconstructive surgery

Second topics:

- Computer assisted surgery

- Virtual reality

We invite internationally renowned speakers for the key lectures.

Key note lecturers:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Andrea Rau, Erlangen GER

PD Dr. Dr. Nicolai Adolps, Berlin, GER

Dr. Dr. Nassim Ayoub, Aachen, GER

Prof. Dr. mult. Kasten K.H. Gundlach, Hamburg, GER

PD Dr. Dr. Lei Li, Oldenburg, GER

Prof. Dr. Dr. Niels Pausch, Leipzig, GER

PD Dr. Dr. Fred Podmelle, Greifswald, GER

PD Dr. Dr. Kai Wermker, Osnabrück, GER